Travel to Shanghai

Shanghai is the second largest city in China. The climate is humid and subtropical. Summer temperatures can reach around 35 - 36C and very high humidity is common. Sudden thunderstorms may occur so bring an umbrella. In the winter, the temperature usually doesn't get much below 10C. However, with the wind chill and the humidity and it can feel colder than that.

What to See and Do

Shanghai is a huge city and has so much to see and do. Yuyuan Gardens is an interesting place that has many examples of classical Chinese architecture. You can take a trip along the Bund for a taste of Shanghai 1920s. See the Pearl Tower for an amazing view of the city. The tower has fifteen observation levels. The highest is at 350 m and a revolving restaurant is at 267 m. There are many other activities to enjoy in Shanghai. You can take a trip on a boat along the river and get a spectacular view of the city from the water. You can also see the city from the Ferry which is much cheaper. Shanghai City Beach is also a popular place to relax and watch sailboats or bungee jumping. Jinshan Donglin Temple is over 700 hundred years old and is very impressive. It also contains the world's largest indoor statue.

Shoppers Paradise

Take a walk down Nanjin Road and for at least one km, you will see the road is lined with busy shops. This is a popular place to shop and reasonable prices for goods can be had. Shanghai's Nanjin Road West is a shopper's paradise with several large shopping malls that contain many high end boutiques. The Ka De Club is an expat favorite. One shop is located at 483, Zhenning Rd and the other at 505, Da Gu Rd. Prices are a little bit higher than other local shops, but you don't have to deal with haggling.

Eating and Drinking in Shanghai

There many different Chinese dishes you can try here. Everything imaginable is here. Besides Chinese food, there are foods from all over the world, including Caribbean and Argentinian among many others. A great way to try different foods is an outdoor food court. They have individual vendors selling traditional Chinese food that is very inexpensive. The most famous Shanghai dish is small steamed dumplings. Seafood is also popular here. Bars and nightclubs can be found all over the city. Prices for drinks can vary. Of course, you will more pay for a drink at a high end hotel, however, affordable bars can easily be found. Tropicana is a popular bar and restaurant that is inexpensive. Maya is another expat bar that is frequented by an older crowd.

Accommodations in Shanghai

Shanghai has a whole range of accommodations. Anything from backpacker hostel style accommodations to high end hotels or serviced apartments. Some hotels that are located within the city include, Anting Villa Hotel and Captain Hostel. City Hotel Shanghai is within walking distance to Nanjin Road. The aforementioned hotels are well located, and all are reasonably priced.

How to Get to Shanghai

There are many different routes you can take to get to Shanghai from Beijing. By plane, expect to pay ¥400-1200. You can also book through Spring Airlines which has discounts from its website. The city of Shanghai has two airports, however, you may still expect some delays if traveling by air. By train, a new express line service from Beijing has just started. The shortest travel time is 4 hours and 48 minutes. Second class fares cost ¥600 to 650. Driving by car is another option, although it will take more time as the distance is 1,271km and will take about 15 hours. Taking a bus is another way to get to Shanghai. The ticket price will be about ¥300.

How to Get Around Shanghai

If you are staying in Shanghai for a few days buy a Shanghai Jiaotong Card. You can load the card with money and use it for buses, metro and taxis. It is much more convenient than having to buy tickets at each stop. Taxis are good choice for transportation as the prices are reasonable. If possible, have your address in Chinese characters to give to the driver and an intersection near your destination. You can also call the number listed in the taxi and an English speaking operator will explain to the driver where you want to go. Another way to get around is by taking a sightseeing bus that will go to the main attractions such as Shanghai Zoo, Oriental Pearl Tower, and Baoyang Road Harbor. You can also take the ferry that goes between Bund and Lujiazui financial district in Pudong. It is only ¥2. If you choose to drive from Beijing to Shanghai, leave the car at the hotel. Shanghai has an excellent public transport system and trying to deal with traffic and pedestrians and bicyclists is going to be very stressful. In addition, parking is nearly impossible to find in the city.

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