Solo Travel for Women in Beijing

Exploring the wonders of Beijing on your own is a fascinating experience, but you’d do best to avoid the overly popular, and overpriced, venues and dive into the heart of this enchanting city. Many friendly cheap Beijing hotels will help you determine the best way to navigate past tourist traps to discover for yourself the dramatic diversity that has bloomed in this rapidly changing city.

Beijing Botanical Gardens - Wo Fo Si Road, Xiangshan

Though rather small compared to other city’s botanical gardens, this exquisite little oasis far from the crowded city is brimming with rare exotic plants and cool islands of calm. Sit under the Japanese blossoming cherry trees or marvel at the height of transplanted American redwoods. Roam through 13 rooms in the hothouse where exhibits portray plants in environments from tropical rain forests to arid deserts to mountain tundra and have educational displays of commercial and medicinal plants. The Peony Gardens outside are situated between research and classification laboratories linked by fragrant arches and flowery trellises.

Lufthansa Center Department Store - 50 Lianmqiao Road, Chaoyang District

Known as the Rodeo Drive of Beijing, this massive complex offers high-end apparel from the world’s finest designers, but don’t expect bargains, these stores aren’t afraid to ask top dollar for their exclusive merchandise. It is, however, an excellent place to pick up some silk textiles for a very good price. Luckily, nearby on Lady Street (Nu ren jie) the prices drop dramatically although the quality stays top-notch.

Marco Polo Bridge – 15 Kilometers Southwest of Beijing Proper

Known locally as the Lugou Bridge, there is much more to see at this historic site than just the magnificent rows of distinctly carved lions’ heads that face each other across an impressive expanse of marble. Inside the walled city of Lugouquiao are museums and a fascinating sculpture garden opened in 2005. Be sure to take the stairs to the top of the wall for excellent photographs of the magnificent bridge in its entirety.

Hutongs Sidecar Tours - Xicheng District

Navigating the narrow streets through the fascinating neighborhoods of Hutongs (traditional Chinese courtyard houses) becomes an adventure when you hire a tour guide with a motorcycle sporting a side car. Experience a dizzying sense of cultural immersion as you zip past yards where housewives still hang hung fresh laundry in the breeze like they have for centuries while sweet-faced children play at their feet. The classical architecture exudes a sense of ancient Chinese dynasties that rivals any monarchies of famed cities in Europe.

Beijing Dance Academy - 1 Shuang Jing Ba Ke Yang Shu, Chaoyang District

Fostering a new art form that embraces the rapid cultural change in China, this progressive dance school has fascinating performances that attract international attention. Their elaborate presentations feature exquisite dancers who embrace a diverse repertoire of contemporary styles delivered with techniques that take your breath away.

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