Beijing Visitor Guide

With all of the flight deals that are available to Beijing, it is no wonder that there are so many visitors each year. Every year, there are numerous flights to Beijing from London as well as other major cities. Tourists come from all over the world to see the many sites that this city has to offer. The following are eight of the most well-known and appreciated locations in Beijing:

The Forbidden City

Containing more than 9,000 rooms and situated on 250 acres, the Imperial Palace of the Forbidden City was completed in 1420. It was destroyed and then rebuilt several times after various sacks so that the current architecture most closely resembles the Qing Dynasty of the 18th century.

Great Wall

The climbing of the Great Wall is an exhilarating experience. In the city of Beijing, there are eight primary sections which span approximately 600 kilometers. The majority of the wall is very well preserved and can be traversed by tourists. The majority of the Great Walls relics date back to the Ming Dynasty of China.

Tiananmen Square

Located at the center of the city of Beijing, Tiananmen Square boasts a number of gatherings and parades throughout the year. The Square is encircled by the Gate of Heaven Peace or Tiananmen, the Great Hall, the National Museum, Chairman Maoís Mausoleum, and a Monument to the Peopleís Heroes.The infamous Tiananmen Square massacre, led by students such Chai Ling, ushered in a new era of activism in China.

Temple of Heaven

The Temple of Heaven is located in the southern part of the city and has been a sacred Chinese site for five centuries. It was used as a sacrificial altar for the Qing and the Ming emperors and is the biggest sacrificial area in all of Beijing. Perhaps the biggest highlight of the Temple of Heaven is the trees, some of which are more than 600 years old.

Summer Palace

Considered to be the biggest imperial garden in all of China, the Summer Palace consists of an area of 10 square miles which served as a summer home for the Chinese emperors. Today, it still contains a number of old buildings, bridges, temples, and pavilions along with a large lake.

Hutong Pedicab Tour

In the old parts of the city, the hutong areas, one can enjoy Pedicab transportation through these Beijing alleys. This group of twisting and narrow streets demonstrates the life of the everyday citizens of the city. These Pedicab tours typically show the tourists sites such as the courtyards, Prince Gongís Building, and the Drum Tower. The area also contains a number of small inns, bars, and restaurants.

Ming Tombs

The burial location for 13 Ming Dynasty emperors, two of these tombs are not open for public viewing. The Changling Tomb and the Dingling Tomb both offer the visitor an inside view of the tombs with the Dingling Tomb providing the tourist with a deep climb into the depths of the burial chamber.

Winter Palace

Known as Beihai Park, this was used as the emperorís winter palace. Among the numerous sites to see at the Winter Palace, perhaps the most well known are the White Pagoda, Nine-Dragon wall, Iron Screen, Wanfo Lou Tower, the Round City, and Jade Flower Island.









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