10 Things to Do in Taipei

Those catching flights to Taipei and staying in the city for any length of time should check out what the city and the region has to offer. Spread in a valley surrounded by the Central and Yangming Mountains, this is the capital of Taiwan. The sprawling metropolis is a leader in the island's culture, government and finances. People come into the area for business and pleasure after finding great deals on accommodation and flights to Taipei. Those who are visiting in the Greater Taipei urban center for whatever reason can find much to do and see such as these ten top attractions:

Beitou Hot Springs

The natural springs are just off the Metro. The springs are bubbling hot and spectacular, truly a relaxing and natural experience where people can unwind in the soothing hot water. The Beitou Hot Springs Museum is nearby the springs.

Longshan Temple

Longshan Temple is located on Guangtzhou Street just above a Metro stop. This historic temple is a valuable site, and the temple is the place where many colorful festivals occur. The air around the ornate temple is filled with melodic chants sung by monks.

Ping Hsi Branch Railway

People can take a break from the city and enjoy the countryside and small towns of Taiwan on a comfortable train with lovely windows on the world. The scenic rail is great for island sightseeing.

Maokong Gondola

Reserving tickets ahead of time ensures that visitors can take this ride when it is convenient for them. With views of the city and the mountains, the leisurely ride in the gondola cabins is a unique pleasure and an excellent photography opportunity.

National Palace Museum

On Chih-shan Road, this museum houses a vast collection of historic and religious artifacts. The detailed and ornate art work and cultural treasures show the history of the people on the island.

Taipei Zoo

A zoological gardens, Taipei Zoo is the largest zoo in all of Asia. Brightly colored flamingos are the first site greeting visitors. The Brown Line of the Metro stops at this sumptuous park with its numerous animals.


This fishermen's wharf is a waterfront with a fun atmosphere. Boat rides are available. Shops for food and souvenirs are along this busy river and ocean front area. Seafood is fresh, and authentic and tasty Taiwanese treats are abundant.

Ximen Station

A lovely structure, the Ximen Station in Ximending is the place to purchase souvenirs and enjoy live entertainment. Shows dazzle young and old. The art and coffee shops are charming.

Yangmingshan National Park

On Jhuzihhu Road in Beitou District, the lush flowers and rolling hills with pathways for leisure meandering invites exploration. Only a half an hour from the city, this park is a good place to see cherry blossoms in spring.

Yehliu Geopark

The Yehliu Geopark is a natural, scenic cape with stunning views of the ocean and fascinating rock formations. Many of the rocks and formations have interesting names. Mighty crashing waves on the shore are exciting as well.








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